DGB Glass, Inc. believes in safety first and foremost.

We value our employees and want them to work in the best and safest of conditions. Safety also produces success for both the employee and DGB Glass.

It is the goal of DGB Glass to provide sufficient education and direction which will enable its employees to perform their duties with minimum effort and confusion. All DGB Glass employees go through safety orientation at the time they are hired. Weekly safety meetings are conducted at each job site to keep all employees up-to-date on the latest safety rules and regulations and to remind them of common safety pitfalls. Employees are certified yearly in swing stage, scaffold and lift training.

All field employees are required to take the OSHA 10-hour class.

All foremen are required to take the OSHA 30-hour class and the Superintendent has taken the OSHA 510 Course.

All field employees are required to take first aid and CPR training.

Our goal is a hazard-free job site for our employees.

When each person performs his or her duties pertaining to safety, the end result will be a significant reduction in accidents, greater productivity, lower insurance costs and an increased competitiveness in the market. Because of the necessity of an effective safety program, the following management commitments have been established:

To devote adequate and reasonable resources providing safety support to each job site.

To hold each employee accountable for the performance of his or her job duties pertaining to safety as set out in the safety handbook.

To provide immediate and appropriate medical attention if an employee is injured.

To provide a return-to-work process, including light duty, so that the employee can resume normal activity as soon as possible after an accident and to create opportunities for them to review the overall safety performance and assist in plans to resolve problem areas.

That DGB Glass, Inc. will abide by all applicable OSHA standards appropriate for project job sites.

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Established and incorporated in the State of Texas in 1988, DGB Glass, Inc. has developed into a leader in the glass and glazing industry.